« Everyone has in memory a car, something from their childhood, I want to make this childhood fascination interactive. »

“Da Race” is the iconic series of murals by the New York street artist Mitchell Schorr.

It depicts racing cars and an ice cream truck, changing their racing positions with each new painting created by the artist.

Set in numerous locations around Manhattan, « Da Race » is an ever-evolving car race that keeps everyone on edge as to the potential winner.

A creative imprint immediately recognizable by his fast and loose visual style, forced into action by the hasty nature he works with.

About the artist Mitchell Schorr

His street paintings of vintage sports cars in all the colors of the rainbow, racing against a Mister Softee truck, earned him a worldwide reputation. Buildings, shop signs, walls, sidewalks are all canvases for M.Schorr.

He grow up in New York in the 70s and 80s, influenced by street artists like Keith Haring. For over a decade, M.Schorr has traveled the world creating works of art (over 100 spots listed), many of which center on the car as a complex symbol of American and global culture.

His works are on permanent display at the Detroit Institute of Arts,  M.Schorr’s works have also been presented at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and at the Galerie Mourlot.

 M.Schorr’s works have also been presented in Miami, London, Rome, Hong Kong…

Note his live performance at Rockefeller Center in NYC as part of the celebration of Ferrari’s 70th anniversary or his murals at the headquarters of the manufacturer General Motors.

M.Schorr’s work, the message

The street artist and muralist from New York splashed the cityscapes with his childhood dreams illustrated by colorful racing cars, an ice cream truck, police cars in an endless chase.

The playful series of racing cityscapes began as a way to reach out and engage people in its world.

For M.Schorr, the ice cream truck that always fights for the pool position in his scenes is his connection to that feeling of being a kid.

Mitchell Schorr’s work is based on memory, that of our innocent childhood memories, that also of simplicity… The ice cream truck is the perfect representation, because it also illustrates the exaltation and happiness of our tender years, that of having awakened our senses:

The sound of the bell, the vision of this vehicle so special and recognizable among all, associated with the regressive taste of pungent cold, the soft texture of ice cream and the crunchiness of its cone.

“My desire is to bring back memories and to bring smiles and joy.

The car represents a memory for each of us, we remember that of our parents, the first car we drove, the first kiss on board,  one evening after returning from a party…